One Day Festival Sunday Dec 3
Book Fair & Readings - Noon- 6:00 
Tables will be free
 tables  and chairs will be provided 

The Book Fair and Readings will be set up in the big hall on the right
on entering the "Beer Garden"

(Don't go up the ramp we are not in the theater)

 One Day Festival Sunday Dec 3
The schedule is everyone who signed up will have their name put in a hat, each hour 8 readers will be picked,
surprise gifts will be given out
 Celebrating another year of our community.
 If you are not there and have signed up your name will be put back into the hat.
We are looking forward to a great day 
of celebration and inspiration with Words and Community
For the love of spoken words to promote strong diverse voices
Poets, Spoken Word Artists 
& Story Tellers

Food and Drinks served 
Noon to 6 
Doors open at Noon 
Set up Exhibit Hall
Readings start at 1:00 
Donations requested at the Door $0 -$25

Readings  in the Big Hall with the Exhibits

Presently signed up for the Book Fair

Gary Metras
Janet MacFadyen   Slate Roof

National Beat Poetry Foundation Inc
Human Error Publishing
Lee Desrosiers Naugatuck River Review
Mark Lipman Vagabond Books
Tommy  Twilite - Silkworm 

Robert Markey
Donald Fisher
Richard Horton
Ethan Burton 
Karen Warinsky

Many others if you would like to have a table let me know
If you want to support this event and others like it Donate Here
Our Sponsors  at the moment ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Contact to become a sponsor and benefit from being a sponsor
Festival Schedule
 Doors Open at Noon - Book Fair table set up​​​​​​​
1:00 to 6:30 reading taking place 
The schedule is the following writers will have their names picked from a hat,
 each hour  8 readers will be picked
Who has signed up
Lee Desrosiers
Debbie Tosun Kilday
 Mike Kilday

Darlene Elias
Joshua Stewart.   
Ethan Burton       
Tom Skarzynski.   
Dina Stander           
Howie Faerstein.  
Dinah Kudatsky    
Candace Curran     
Robert Markey  
Gerald Yelle. 
Bill Mailer.   
Richard Horton.
Thomas Rattle. 
Lindy Whiton. 
Amie Hyson.
Deborah Rolski
Carla Cooke
Chaya Grossberg
Donald Fisher
Jessica Gorman
Paul Richmond.
Ernie Brill
Tony Vacca
Gary Metras.
JJ. Jerry
Jovonna Van Pelt
Janet MacFadyen  
Mark Lipman  
Tommy Twilite  
Jacob Chapman
Karen Warinsky
Janet Aalfs
Kat Pihl

Ron Whittle
Amy Laprade
Fred Gerhard
Jacob Chapman
Preston Hood
John Isaac Sheldon
Virginia Shreve
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